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My tests on the camera functions and techniques

L. J. D.
Black Background
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L. J. D.
Flash mode - SLOW

I am having a hard time to fully understand synchronization time and the functions of SLOW flash and REAR flash.
#49: SLOW flash
#50: Standard flash (front-curtain flash)
#51: no flash
#52: REAR flash (rear curtain)
all were under same environmental lighting condition: dark room, on tripod
#61 and #62 were taken when there is a light source from the right
#61 SLOW flash
#62 No flash

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L. J. D.
Reversed Lens

Reversed 50MM/F1.8 LENS; DOF is too shallow

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L. J. D.
white background

(9/27/2010)I made a light tent with a children's table. I got the idea to make a shade free environment. However, white is NOT white. I changed the WB in a range and the white was still either yellow or gray. I added a speed light on the camera, which made better images. But Still, white is not real white. This is still bothering me. The only one I got real white background also was over exposed (#235). I end up with Photoshop to get #147 Copy and PSDSC 0233 from DSC147 and DSC233. Need more knowledge on it.

(9/29/2010) Another way to get white background is to light up the background much more than the subject so that when the subject get the right exposure the background is washed out. However, a shade to the front could be seen as in the photos of the jars. This might be avoid by using barn doors.

(10/2/2010) We made a 3.5X3X3 PVC light tent today. The vase photo DSC 0154 is the first photo I took with it. This is the only one with no touch of photoshop. The tent is too small to shoot an adult, but enough for babies. I used two 250w bulbs.

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