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A friend's cutie, less than 4 years. She tried to shun from my shot at the beginning. When I made her to run and shot while she was running she became very active then. She ran and ran and asked me to shot her. Than she came over to see ther picture. And she said it was her sister.

  • Kligon (Private)
    8 years 11 months ago
    DSC 0425
    Superb capture My Friend!
  • 8 years 11 months ago
    DSC 0455-2
    Blue Ribbon! Best of show.

    This is the best image in this album.

    1. Head and arms on the left vertical of the Rule of Thirds. and the foot/shoe almost parallels the arms.
    2. Hands and to some degree the skirt through the legs and feet are along the lower horizontal.
    3. She's facing into the frame.
    4. No. 3 provides excellent light from the right.
    5. Parallel lines: arms, rows of polka-dots on the skirt--both vertical and horizontal.
    6. Fanning lines: the parallel lnes in the skirt also appear to fan out as do her fingers on the floor.
    7. Her head/face rotated left, into the frame and accented by her eyes rotated even further to her left.
    8. The side light is gorgeous and seems brightest on your subject.
    9. The low light helps isolate your "cutie" and creates a beautiful hue on her skin.
    10. The reflection in the floor couldn't be better. No more, no less.

    Want me to continue? LOL.

    Lily, you have a real show piece here. Congratulations.

  • 8 years 11 months ago
    DSC 0433
    Don't we ALL wish we had the endless supply of energy littl girls seem to find. Well, I guess boys do too. Pity we have to grow up and lug all this extra weight around... even the skinny folk.

    Adorable shot, love the expression.
  • 8 years 11 months ago
    DSC 0476
    Terrrr-ific! Great action. The skirt is superb with its lines and spots. And with all the motion, her face is "stopped." Left vertical of the Rule of thirds: facing into the frame. The entire frame is good as well as the low light. Again, great action shot!

  • Sawillman37 (Private)
    9 years 2 months ago
    DSC 0439
    Nice Looks like she had fun playing with you.
  • Sawillman37 (Private)
    9 years 2 months ago
    DSC 0425
    Very beautiful portrait.
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